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Happy Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos

Fun at AnimationMentor.com! I am really happy we made the Dia de los Muertos Altar this year!

Job Opening: Test (QA) release engineer

I work for an online animation school, www.animationmentor.com that's located in Emeryville.

If you know a Test (QA) Release Engineer who is looking for work at a cool, casual and fun (but hardworking) company feel free to send them to this link for more info.


I'm going to go play Bingo at the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence monthly Bingo game tonight with my buddies JF and Elizabeth! I hear it's a hoot.


Feb. 2nd, 2009

It's Monday. Hmmph. Time to make up a new recipe to use these 2 heads of cauliflower I bought at Monterey Market this weekend.

Roasted CauliflowerCollapse )

Testing, Testing...

This weekend was all about staying home and near a bathroom so I can provide "samples" for the Kaiser lab. My life is so exciting these days.

I feel a little drained right now, I've had some some health issues in the last few months that have tested my patience, and left me feeling like a worn out dish rag.

Normally I would insert something positive, but today it just is what it is.

Illness is really rough on us control freaks, I think.

Oh yeah, I dressed up for Halloween too..

My friend JF and I dressed up and entered the office costume contest. I think he makes a sexy Edna Turnblad!

Saturn square Uranus ( Astrology)

My friend Khalil (the astrologer)says this planetary alignment indicates major change, so I found some articles.

much more info on thisCollapse )
-Dario Cecchini's butcher shop in Panzano, in the Chianti countryside outside of Florence.

Met an interesting person today

AnimationMentor.com (where I'm the student loan administrator) held their graduation at the Berkeley Art Museum today. It was the perfect venue for us, a lovely day.

Justin and I were bartenders for the event and spent the afternoon pouring wine. I was talking to the museum's event manager and was happily surprised when he mentioned he was a founding member of the Cheeseboard collective/pizzeria. He shared some great memories from those days.

I was blown away by the fact that the sourdough starter they still use today in their pizza dough has been alive for 41 years!

Amazing. No wonder the pizza there is so damned good.