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Happy Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos

Fun at AnimationMentor.com! I am really happy we made the Dia de los Muertos Altar this year!


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Oct. 30th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
Sweet, your office did Dia de los Muertos! I miss the big DDLM bash that Stanford's Centro Chicano would put on. We'd get people from the community involved - family, staff members and their families, people from East Palo Alto, etc. - and make a big altar with pictures, mementos, marigolds, the works. We'd have a party with traditional Veracruz music, and the Aztec and ballet folklórico dance troupes would perform. SO MANY MEXICAN PASTRIES. I never got them at any other time during the year and I'd go nuts every year.

(damn, now I'm craving those buns with the sugar crust on top, and Abuelita hot cocoa)
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